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Right Place Wrong Time by Thomas Thomas Review – A Bittersweet Juxtaposition

By Sophia Storti

Right Place Wrong Time is a pair of energetic singles from the Calgary-based indie duo Thomas Thomas. Released in November 2021, this EP consists of “Right Place Wrong Time” and “Interesting Times.”

'Right Place Wrong Time’ has been a staple in our live show for a long time so we’ve had plans to release it as a single for some time. It’s one of our more energetic numbers so we took our time to try and capture that live energy in the studio version,” said the pair. The song tells an equally dreamy and energetic tale of ‘pining after someone, but never feeling like it’s the right time.” It would play perfectly in the sweaty basement of a club—The Black Dog Freehouse comes to mind.

Titled with a quip many of us have heard since the start of 2020, “Interesting Times” is an indie-pop-rock piece entirely written and recorded during the pandemic. It somehow manages to make its inherently stressful subjects—endless change and love woes—effortless to listen to vocalists Thomas Englund and Shannon Thomas croon about.

“Right Place Wrong Time” is Thomas Thomas’ first release since 2019. “We’ve been pretty quiet in the music scene lately because we (Shannon and Thomas) retreated to a small town in Cape Breton, Nova Scotia to be close to Shannon’s family and write/demo new music over the last half a year,” shared the couple about the gap between releases. The album artwork features the original family home on the plot of land where Thomas and Shannon stayed over the pandemic. Thomas Thomas explained that the house holds a deeper meaning:"It felt right for the song ‘Right Place Wrong Time’ as it was clearly once a beautiful big family home in a magical location by the harbour, but is now rotting away as time goes by.”

Stayed tuned for the release of music videos for each single on @ThomasThomasBand on Instagram and Facebook!

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