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Shop Local: Jumpstart your Reading Journey

By Angela Giacobbo

If shopping local or picking up more books were your 2022 goals, local bookstores are a great place to start! Edmonton is full of community-based stores that offer exciting titles and new reading opportunities.

Glass Bookshop

Picture of a book from Glass Bookshop wrapped in brown paper

Glass Bookshop | Latitude 53, 10242 106 St, Edmonton, AB |

The Glass Bookshop is a definite go-to if you love to support local. With free delivery to those in Edmonton, St. Albert, and Sherwood Park, 15% off purchases for teachers of K to 12, and eNewletters packed with upcoming events and need-to-reads, they are a local treasure. The “Forthcoming Titles” section of their website promises new thrilling reads, and the little maple leaf icon beside many of the titles makes me smile.

Their Instagram features countless new reads to fill your TBR (“to be read”) list, and their podcast features interviews with Canadian writers, authors, and publishers. If you’re interested in breaking out of your regular reading routine and looking for diverse novels, chapbooks, anthologies, and anything else you could think of, browse through their website.

Mandolin Books and Coffee Company

Mandolin Books and Coffee Company | 6419 112 Ave NW, Edmonton, AB |

A table inside Mandolin Books with bookshelves filled behind.
Image courtesy of Hannah Lintott

Looking for a place to sit down and enjoy a warm drink while you study, chat with friends, or flip through a new read? Mandolin Books and Coffee Company is a ten-minute walk from Concordia University.

Mandolin is a community-based bookstore brimming with high-quality used books (fiction and nonfiction) and offers tasty treats for quick cravings and filling meals for empty bellies.

Their food comes from local suppliers, and their coffee is locally-roasted Catfish Coffee. Interested in learning about more local artists? Each month, Mandolin features original artwork from Edmonton artists, and they sell content from local writers.

If you’re feeling adventurous, consider picking up a mystery book with a hidden cover and nothing to guide your interests except a hand-written synopsis. Also, don’t forget to check out Mandolin’s monthly drink special!

Audreys Books

Picture of an awning over Audreys Books LTD. with the words “Audreys Books LTD.”
Image courtesy of Audreys Books

Audreys Books LTD. | 10702 Jasper Ave, Edmonton, AB |

If reading more work from Canadian writers was your goal for 2022, Audreys Books could help you on your journey. Their collection is filled with countless genres, authors, and unique items to fill your bag: puzzles, games, calendars, and cards.

Audreys Books offers community connection through their book club, in-store readings and events, and author appearances. If you’re willing to spend $10 plus GST, you can become a lifetime member of Audreys Book Club with countless perks, from point collection to special offers and savings.

Be sure to check out Audreys Recommends for new and upcoming titles!

Wee Book Inn

Picture of the Wee Book Inn logo: a cat sitting on top of an open book with “Wee Book Inn” written to the right
Image courtesy of Wee Book Inn

Wee Book Inn | 10310 82 Ave NW, Edmonton, AB/10332 Jasper Ave, Edmonton, AB |

If books and cats are a mix you crave, you should visit Wee Book Inn. If you can visit in-person, I highly recommend it! The fluffy companions found wandering and resting inside boxes are enough to melt your heart. The two current residents you might spot are Fleur and Saku. However, online orders also showcase Wee Book Inn’s charm by offering themed packs of six books: literature, suspense, horror, true crime, and romance.

Wee Book Inn purchases books from the general public, meaning you can bring in books you’re ready to part with in exchange for cash or store credit. It’s a great way to interact with your community while gaining more incentive to feed your reading obsessions.

Not wanting to make the trek and go home empty-handed? Wee Book Inn’s website has a request form where you can send in the name of what you’re looking for, and staff will search their collection.

Be sure to check their Instagram and Facebook for shop updates, book requests, and cute cat photos.

Daisy Chain Book Co.

Picture of he Daisy Chain Book Co. logo: A daisy with words written on the petals and “Daisy Chain Book Co.” written with leaves accenting the words.
Image courtesy of Daisy Chain Book Co.

Daisy Chain Book Co. | 12525 102 Ave, Edmonton, AB |

Initially a booktruck and now a bookstore, Daisy Chain Book Co. started because of a desire to blend stories and community. Creating opportunities for readers to interact with one another, make new friends, and find new authors is at the core of Daisy Chain.

Daisy Chain’s Book Clubs are scheduled once a month, and the store closes to give groups the full freedom to delve into discussions. Joining the book club comes with a small fee that can be used for a book purchase on the evening of the meeting. These gatherings are a safe space to meet new people and share your love for books.

If you’re looking to expand your TBR list but are anxious about meeting new people (hey, I feel you), check out Daisy Chain’s podcast, The Bookshop Chronicles.

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