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The Most Instagrammable Spots in YEG

By Sarah Jackson

Calling all Edmonton Instagram lovers that will do anything for “the photo.” The Sixty-OneTen team knows the YEG instagrammable scene is huge. This month’s issue is all about art and literature, and we strongly believe that getting that perfect photo at a beautiful location classifies as art.

Check out some of our top spots that are bound to be full of light, food, and a lot of good photo opportunities:

Manchester Square | 12016 107 Ave NW

Picture of the side of a brick building with a flower mural on the side and orange bike statues in front

“Bringing a touch of European grace to the area, this creatively designed building with distinct features will be home for up to 19 locally-owned shops and businesses. An outdoor fountain, a 20 ft promenade for casual strolling while enjoying free Wi-Fi, a hidden indoor alleyway with artistic features that will let visitors feel like they are walking the streets of Europe” (source:

Although this new must-visit spot is still developing, a wide variety of stores, including Majesty and Friends, have moved into the square, giving visitors a taste of everything that makes Edmonton so vibrant year-round. With a massive floral mural located on the side of the building, this Amsterdam-inspired must-see Edmonton spot is a great place for photoshoots with your besties after a night of drinks on the town!

The Moth Cafe | 9449 Jasper Ave NW

Picture of a dull pink building with the words "The Moth Plant-Based Cafe" on the front

What once started as a family passion project, The Moth Cafe has morphed into a local Edmonton staple for coffee, chats, and plant-inspired photo opportunities (we know this one is an important one for all you Instagrammers). In addition to the incredible display of plants hung and placed around the cafe, “the restaurant has been recognized for providing healthy and nutritious food and drinks as well as become a place that houses community events such as plant swap, craft workshops, vinyl brunches, and poetry nights” (source:

Kind Ice Cream | 9551 76 Ave (Ritchie) & 6507 112 Ave (Highlands)

Picture of a small black building with a mural of dnacers on the side and the words "Kind Ice Cream" on the storefront

Six words: Locally made small-batch ice cream. Need we say more? Kind Ice Cream is a well-known cult classic for Edmontonians and is often classified as an ice cream store with long lines of patient ice cream lovers year-round (yes, you heard us, even in the winter). But we can confirm that this hand-crafted ice cream is well worth the wait. With new and exciting rotating flavours monthly and the legendary in-house all-year staple flavours, Kind Ice Cream offers both dairy and vegan ice cream. Kind Ice Cream also commits to leaving a small environmental footprint by using compostable cups, napkins, and spoons.

Additionally, Kind Ice Cream offers customers many different photo locations to grab that perfect shot of your ice cream. A Sixty-OneTen Mag favourite is the Highlands location where you can find a new massive mural on the side of the building that has been preserved since its 1912 build date! It is truly the best of both worlds (with ice cream involved).

Although these three YEG locations are amazing, they are just the tip of the iceberg! Edmonton is home to hundreds of spots full of history, food, and of course, Instagrammable moments.

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