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Welcome to Tech Talk: Canadian Podcasts to Check Out

By Angela Giacobbo

Jumping into the world of technology can seem intimidating—there’s always something new happening. Whether you’re a student, someone with slight interest, or a professional in the field, there is always more to learn, and podcasts allow you to get the intel on what’s new in the industry.


Picture of Shift logo with “shift” inside a fractured rectangle and lines of blue and pink lights in the background
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Currently in its third season, Shift highlights innovation in Alberta by interviewing researchers, entrepreneurs, businesses, and service providers. Katie Dean and Jon Hagan host Shift with the desire to spread stories. Alberta is home to many technological advancements, and Shift draws attention to the small steps people take toward growth and how these little changes make large impacts on the world.

“We’re here to shift your perspective.” — Shift

If you’re curious about the future of hydrogen, cybersecurity, green innovation, or any other projects and plans in Alberta, check out Shift on most major podcasting platforms.

What the Tech? Podcast

Picture of What the Tech logo with the words “what the tech?” underneath the University of Calgary logo on a yellow background
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Interested in the latest computer science research, video games and AI, or bioinformatics? Add What the Tech to your podcast library for an informative discussion during a drive or your next house deep-clean.

Kelsey Stephen and Christopher Wu, students at the University of Calgary, currently host What the Tech. They produce weekly interviews to “deconstruct complex computer science concepts—bit by bit—and explain What the Tech is going on” (quote from University of Calgary).

Kelsey is a third-year student majoring in biomedical engineering. Christopher is a fourth-year Bachelor of Commerce student majoring in Finance. As UCalgary students with diverse interests—from photography to sustainability—their podcast is easy to follow even when tackling complicated subjects. You can listen to What the Tech wherever you listen to podcasts.

AT Banter Podcast

Picture of  AT Banter logo with the words “AT Banter Conversations about disability” beside a microphone and the International Symbol of Access
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AT Banter dives into Assistive Technology, sharing insights and opening discussions around disability. Rob Mineault, Ryan Fleury, Steve Barclay, and Lis Malone speak with advocates and members of the Disability Community and technology specialists. They work to celebrate stories, educate, and inspire.

With over 270 episodes, you won’t run out of content. Each episode has a transcript for greater accessibility. The episodes cover many topics—ableism, screen reading software, and digital accessibility—all speaking with people from the community. You can listen to AT Banteron Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, and YouTube.


Picture of TechGalDaries logo with “Tech Gal Diaries” in the top right corner, “podcast with Jasmine Wu” in the bottom left corner, and a picture of Jasmine smiling before a computer in the middle Hosted by J
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Hosted by Jasmine Wu, TechGalDiaries discusses Jasmine’s journey through technology, education, and self-development. Episodes touch on engineering topics like cybersecurity, AI, and machine learning. Interviews discuss tips, tricks, and general information about each topic, allowing you to slowly explore the techy world with a young student as a guide and discover new names to follow.

Jasmine graduated from the University of British Columbia and now works as a software developer. You can hear more about software engineering and the tech world on Jasmine’s YouTube, Instagram, and TikTok. Check out TechGalDiaries on most major podcasting platforms.

Double Tap Canada

Picture of Double Tap Canada logo of two red circles with rings above the words “doubletap Canada”
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Technology can be intimidating, but Double Tap Canada takes on that challenge with pride. Double Tap Canada is where blind people talk about technology so that you can understand no matter your skill level or age—all you need is interest! Touching on how technology can enhance your life even if you have little or no sight, Double Tap Canada posts weekly episodes.

Interested in the Metaverse? Craving to learn more about big brands? Hoping to hear about advancements in gaming? Double Tap Canada covers endless topics and has over 220 episodes. The team also loves interaction, and they leave contacts for listeners to join the conversation (phone: 1-866-509-4545; email:

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