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Your Guide to Alberta’s Media & Technology Scene in March 2022

By Marina Sims

Media and Technology are ever-changing, and it can be hard to keep up. Here is a curated list to help narrow down a few main things to check out this March. Read along to discover what we think you must read, watch, listen, and do!

Must-Read: My Friend Anna: The True Story of a Fake Heiress by Rachel DeLoache Williams

Picture of the cover of "My Friend Anna." An image of a woman with her eyes narrowed behind white slivers.
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My Friend Anna tells the true story of Anna Delvey, a fake German heiress, through the eyes of a Vanity Fair reporter. Anna lived a lavish life, but it was all a façade to impress those around her, and she was eventually arrested for fraud. Her trial became public rather quickly and showed the impact media can have on a court case.

This glamourous and unbelievable story served as the inspiration for the new and popular Netflix series, Inventing Anna. Find more information about the book here.

Must-Watch: Zeidler Dome at Telus World of Science

Picture of a crown of people laying back at a laser star show under a dommed ceiling
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Experience the unknown and head to the Zeidler Dome! If you like science and outer space, you’ll love what the Telus World of Science has to offer.

The newly-renovated Zeidler Dome theatre allows you to sit back and watch stars, planets, galaxies, atoms, and more. Plus, it doesn’t get much better than the planetarium’s 10K resolution, reclined seating, and centre stage. Get ready to coast through outer space in style. Find more info or book your tickets here.

Must-Listen: “Why a free and fair internet is more vital than ever” by Priscilla Chomba-Kinywa

Listen to Chomba-Kinywa’s TedTalk as she explains why free and equal access to the internet is so important. During COVID-19 related lockdowns, our society lived in a digital world. The internet became a place to connect with relatives, work, and relax. We experienced life from our online profiles. The internet provided services that became unavailable or unsafe offline due to the pandemic, such as online meetings and meal deliveries.

Unfortunately, not everyone was able to carry on comfortably throughout the pandemic. Two billion people worldwide do not have access to the internet and cannot do these things. Listen to Chomba-Kinywa’s TedTalk and learn more about why equal access to the internet is so important.

Must-Visit: Nightrise in Banff

Picture of a group of people walking at night with the snowy ground lit up beneath their feet
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During the day, the Banff Gondola is a sight to behold; however, Nightrise allows you to see the mountains in a whole new light… literally. Using multi-media technology, the summit of Sulphur Mountain glows and transforms before your eyes. Grab your loved ones and head to the gondola to experience the mountains like never before.

This exhibit is only around until April 13th, so don’t miss out! Learn more about Nightride here.

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